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The Binder of Women

Limited Edition box of prints by 10 LA Artists:
Lindsey Lyons
Laurie Nye
Hilary Pecis
Kysa Johnson
Maysha Mohamedi
Erin Morrison
Michelle Blade (not pictured)
Hayley Barker
Claire Collette
Jamie Felton

Release party at The Pit on December 3rd!

The Binder is also available on
Binder of Women is an artist-run project creating a collective folio of limited edition works. Artists Hayley Barker, Michelle Blade, Claire Colette, Jamie Felton, Kysa Johnson, Lindsey Lyons, Maysha Mohamedi, Erin Morrison, Laurie Nye, and Hilary Pecis have contributed works on paper ranging from representational and unique paintings to abstract and gestural forms with pressed paper for this first release. The project offers twenty limited edition sets containing a signed work by each of the ten artists.
Conceptualized in Los Angeles this year by painter Hilary Pecis, Binder of Women is an independent platform for contemporary artists to directly share their work as they see fit. This is a unified move to empower female artists, expand their reach, broach the topic of equality and consent in the art world, and take action to grow the number of works by female identifying artists in contemporary art collections.

LA Weekly Pick, Week of August 16, 2017

5 Free Art Shows to See in L.A. This Week
By Catherine Wagley
Goddess ghosts
A face painted on plastic hangs at the top of the carpeted stairs leading up to Abode Gallery. You have to push past it or duck under it to enter the rest of the space, where Hayley Barker has installed her exhibition “New Paintings” (nomadic exhibition program BozoMag is presenting the show while Abode’s founder, Katie Bode, takes a break until fall). In an elegant handout placed on the mantel, Barker describes these paintings as spirits, guides and goddesses. The faces she depicts appear vaguely feminine and vague in general. It’s hard to tell where the speckles and marks end and the face begins in a painting hanging inside the defunct fireplace. The figure in BAT TIME (hands cover face), hanging above a kitchen table, is ghostly and obscured by flowerlike shapes, as if she’s haunting a garden on a rainy day. 840 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood; through Aug. 27.


Install Pics Up

Install picks of New Paintings are up!

I'll be gallery sitting this Sunday August 13th from 12:00pm-5:00pm.

Come by and see the show.


#beddrawings & slow jamz

This Sunday, 7/30/17, join me, the #beddrawing binders, and Bozo Mag for slow jamz and pink wine in my show, NEW PAINTINGS at Abode. 

840 N Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Gallery hours Sundays through 8/27, noon- 5pm.


New Paintings, Bozo Mag at Abode, Opens Sunday 7/16/17 5-8pm

Bozo Mag is pleased to announce, “New Paintings”
by Hayley Barker at Abode. 

These are the faces of spirits and guides, goddesses, and sometimes versions of myself, disembodied, that I meet when I journey. When I meet someone new in shamanic meditation I try to feel them, their energy. I try to discern their faces, and features, but oftentimes am left with little more than a shifting impression of their facial sphere. I may be listening to one speak for a long time, but barely be able to see their face. I feel I know them, even though I cannot fully see them. They are felt, known through not seeing. 
Each one tests my ability to discern subtle energies. 
When I am scared I tend to want to leave my body, but these guides are teaching me to stay in my body, even when
I cannot see the being right in front of me.

This exhibition will be on view from Sunday, July 16th, until Sunday, August 27th.

An opening reception will be held on Sunday from 5pm to 8pm at 840 North Wilton Place.

Opening hours will proceed on every Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm, until Sunday, August 27th.
840 North Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038 • 310 773 8287 for more info

The Upside of Her Hell at Bozo Mag

Now up through May 14th, 2017. 

Hayley Barker, Amy Bessone, Vanessa Conte,
Daniel Gibson, Namio Harukawa,
Joshua Miller, and Eva Sealove
One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves to learn
And another child grows up to be
Somebody you'd just love to burn
Mom loves the both of them
You see it's in the blood
Both kids are good to Mom
"Blood's thicker than mud" 
It's a family affair…
Keep, keep it together
Keep, keep it together
Keep people together forever and ever

This exhibition is on view from Sunday, April 16th 2017 until Sunday, May 14th 2017. An opening reception will be held on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm at 9755 Yoakum Drive.  The opening will also host the release of Hayley Barker’s “Vintage Self-Help”, a book of short essays.
Open hours will be on Sundays from 10am - 4pm, and by appointment.
9755 Yoakum Dr. Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

"Vintage Self Help" at BozoMag

"Vintage Self Help"
Twelve short essays on trauma, nature, shamanism, illness, art and time. Text and drawings by Hayley Barker. Perfect bound, with newsprint poster. Produced by Cherry & Lucic, edited by Katie Ford, designed and bound by Sammie Cetta, printed by Ryan Patrick Krueger. (c) 2017. 46 pages. 
Edition of 50. 
$20 each

Email me to buy one. hayleycbarker(at) or go to the Bozo Mag Store, link above.
Bozo Mag is an art gallery and label founded by Sam Bivins, Daniel Bowman & Max Schwartz.

THE GODDESS SHOW at Rainmaker Gallery

featuring Hayley Barker, Jason Berlin, Eryn Boone, Rachel Brown Smith, Anna Fidler, Elizabeth Malaska, Veronica Reeves

 The Goddess Show, opening at Rainmaker Gallery on Friday, April 7, is a group show organized by Rainmaker resident artists Rachel Brown-Smith and Veronica Reeves and features Hayley Barker, Jason Berlin, Eryn Boone, Rachel Brown-Smith, Anna Fidler, Elizabeth Malaska, Veronica Reeves. This exhibition of West Coast artists highlights feminine divinity and spirituality that is independent of patriarchal ideology. 

2/2017: "No-Place," Gallery Protocal, Curated by Iris Williamson, Gainesville, FL

Gallery Protocol is pleased to present no-place, a group exhibition curated by Iris Williamson. no-place features painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital media by Hayley Barker, Alisa Bones, Andrea Brown, Akina Cox, Brooks Dierdorff, Natalie Escobar, Jackie K. Johnson, Angélica Maria, Millán Lozano, Jess Perlitz, Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Lindsay Preston Zappas. The exhibition opens with a reception on February 24 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM and runs through April 7.

In no-place, utopian motifs—such as lush foliage, remote islands, and the swirling heavens—are confronted by consumerist objects, sharp thorns, chains, and smokestacks. The exhibition anticipates and engages the failures that occur in pursuing an ‘ideal reality.’ As the title suggests,
many works speak to ‘utopia’ as an act of dislocation—from the particulars of a specific place, or even a specific body. Abstracted figures negotiate environments composed of signifiers, and spaces open up for travel beyond the physical world. no-place invites viewers to consider self-care as the first step in caring for and creating new worlds.

(Image by Akina Cox)

Now Burning, Border Patrol, Portland Maine, January 6 - March 3, 2017

Now Burning is a group show featuring incense and burners made by over thirty artists from the United States and Canada. Artist-made Incense will be burned in each artist-made burner over the course of the exhibition. Invoking the pragmatic and mystical properties of scented smoke, the exhibition will ceremoniously cleanse the space of previous occupants’ residue. This non-visual announcement will cultivate a meditative, mildly psychoactive atmosphere and prepare the ground for subsequent exhibitions.

Pictured: StarBlade 2016, Steel & Acrylic

"Animal Farm" at Dalton Warehouse, LA

Forty artists, works on paper
Dalton Warehouse.  447 E. 32nd St, Los Angeles, 90011
See their Facebook page for hours.
Up February 2017- March 2017.


Eve Eve at TOP 12/29/16

TOP presents Eve Eve, a group exhibition with Hayley Barker, Andrea Marie Breiling, Claire Colette, Carrie Cook, Lindsey Lyons, and Maysha Mohamedi 

Opens Thursday, December 29, 7-10 pm. 
On view Friday, December 30, 11 am-6 pm.

1753 E Olympic @ Alameda, 
Fourth Floor, last door on right
Los Angeles, CA
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